Who are we?

We're TurtleBlaze, and we maek games.

TurtleBlaze focusses on creating epic game experiences. The games that make you feel like you did something amazing.

TurtleBlaze is the studio behind Road Warriors, the action-packed intergalactic racing game with simple one-touch controls!

Get it HERE!

Chillin' at Q42, the Hague

TurtleBlaze is a Q42 Label. With that comes the perk of working in their awesome offices and being part of an awesome crew of 70 passionate Nerds.

Situated right next to Den Haag HS our home office is easy to reach with public transport.

Address: Waldorpstraat 17F 2521CA Den Haag


Currently we're looking for a Gamedev Intern: Apply


These are the nerds that make it happen.

We're also on Twitter ;D

Richard Lems

Artist, Game Designer


Benjamin de Jager

Programmer, Game Designer


Inquiries / Press

You can mail us at: contact @ TurtleBlaze dot com ;)